Nice to Meet You, Diamonds

Hey fabulous people!! Nikii J here!! As a mom of four sons, business owner, poetry artist, and motivational speaker I needed a way to reach the masses with my words for daily motivation. A lot of my blogs will feature motivational quotes, and just life things in general most can relate to. Life is supposed to be a fun and positive one time experience. So the goal is to give everyone the mindset it will take to be successful in all areas of life, regardless of life’s circumstances thrown at you! In the words of one of my favorite authors, Joel Osteen, “You can and You will”. There is nothing that can stop you when you put out the positive vibes, the universe will conform to just that. Live today life there’s no tomorrow, wake up each day thankful for a new day. You are important and you are here for a reason. I’m excited to blog and motivate daily, we all need positive energy and words to keep our life on track!! After almost losing my life twice to suicide, was a wake up call. All that seems beautiful on the outside may not be the same on the inside. I’m here to be the light for any of your darkness. For you to read daily and remember if no one else I’m here. Feel free to comment or send emails I’m open and willing to be a shoulder to lean on. With that being said look forward to this blogging journey. Have a great day, and don’t forget to SMILE ON!!! -Nikii J

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