Living With Purpose

Welcome to my first blog!! I’m so excited to start blogging daily. As a motivational speaker for women, this is my way to reach out to everyone regardless of gender, race, or background. I’m so excited!!

Living with Purpose what does that mean? Well I will begin with what it’s NOT. Most of the world and society are ok with just existing in the thing called Life. We do just enough to get by and when someone ask how are you the response is something like, “Oh you know same ol same ol” or the most draining response “just hanging in there.” Is that you, or someone you know? I chuckle every time I hear that response because the next question is what exactly does that mean? Hanging on what? Where is there? When will you stop hanging yourself and stand up and create more purpose to your life???

We all start out as the “chosen one” from when we are released from our fathers and then birthed by our mothers. You out of thousands of little specimens with tails (you get the point) were chosen to make it through the egg, and grew 9 months to be here on this Earth! There is a bigger purpose for you, regardless of what it is, you were here to mark your legacy, your spot on this Earth. We are born and given new life, we have no cares in the world as we grow up and whatever we want to do or be the possibilities are ENDLESS.

But then MOST reach the age where they stop dreaming, they stop believing in themselves and start to depict their lives from their surroundings. Maybe your parents laughed when you told them you wanted to get rich and buy them a house. Maybe you were in school and can’t/cldn’t excel and the teachers categorize you by grades or constantly fail you and then you start to believe that you are the failure and maybe you are not good enough to set out and what you are destined to be/do/have. Sit back and think when is the moment you stop dreaming about your future, who told you that you couldn’t and you have believed it ever since?

So now what? Maybe you have reached an age where you think life can’t change, or maybe you are at the peak of life but are stuck on how do you progress forward happily? How do you Live your life with purpose?

Here is what I’ve found. When you wake up each day and start working as hard as you do on your goals and dreams, as you work for your Boss you cannot lose!!! Start your day with Affirmations like “I’m worth being here” “I AM a great Mom/Dad” “I can do all things despite the odds against me”. Look for affirmations that work for you, post them all over your house, in your office, repeat them everyday!! Another great way is by GRATITUDE!! I teach in my seminars the value that you get in giving thanks or showing that you appreciate something that was done for you, gratitude can go so far and boost your self-esteem as well as others around you. Keep a log, so bad days you can go back and say hey I did this, or this person did that for me, let it sway your negative energy into positive energy! The universe will conform to the positive vibes you put out, you will feel great, and you will start to lead your life with vision and purpose.

In closing, Living with Purpose simply means, doing what you love no regrets. Marking your stamp, and creating a legacy for you, your kids, and for generations to come that say because of this person on this picture right here, I was able to become whatever I set my mind to. So if you don’t have a business start one! If you love to sing write songs! If you love to help people start a non-profit charity group. MAN THERES SO MUCH you can do to impact the world, to start Living your life with Purpose. And even if you don’t know where to start as you start to put out great vibes and start showing generosity it will soon come back to you of why you were put on this Earth. Everyone has the ability to be great but only few will choose to do so. Who will you be, will you just exist in a society where there’s so much potential to WIN or will you continue to do the same things over and over that are not working expecting great results, and well we all know that’s just Insane!!

It took the birth of my youngest son, and a near death experience to realize the special gift we wake up to everyday and that’s Life. What can you do in your present life to start Living with Purpose, instead of just hanging in there?

Until next time…

Smile On,

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