Advancing & Evolving!

Hi Diamonds!

It has been quite sometime since I have been able to
update and write a new blog as life as we all know can
distract our purpose and our mission, but there is no
time like the present so here it goes!

First, I would like to thank all of the ladies that have been joining our team and our mission to support, empower, enlighten, and motivate women all over the world no matter what their passion or vision we look forward to see it coming to fruition! Our publisher Chrita Paulin, with Coal Under Pressure publishing, who has been endlessly working to keep our site updated and making the many changes daily.

Second, thank you to my family and friends who have been endlessly supporting the vision I have and pushing me to keep going no matter what. Lastly, as we are in the month of October, hopefully I can update and communicate with you all once a month and then biweekly as time allows, I want to thank my angel Virginia Marie Taylor, my grandmother and the motivation behind The Diamond Lady Foundation.   A fighter of Breast Cancer, this month I take time to appreciate her endless blessings, and her strength that I watched growing to make sure that
everyone that left her presence did with a smile and that every woman felt valued and heard no matter the circumstance, and as we all know this is my mission in life and with the business I have founded. Because of you I know that whatever obstacles I may face, I have the support and the mindset to overcome them always, because I am #taylormade.

In 2016 I did not realize that the business that I had envisioned and prayed for would expand and advance into what it is today as we embark on our success of 2019, and plan for the year of 2020. We have had growing pains, made changes, and have stories of endless things that could have made us want to give up but with the team of Diamonds we have grown to be the mission will not end, as it is truly just beginning. We have raised money for families who lost everything in a fire, and a mom with colon cancer whose income at the time was the only one she had for her four children. We have hosted many fashion shows, live events, tea parties, and even more recently a vision party which was truly a gifted experience for everyone who were in attendance.  We were able to raise money and come out of pocket to donate 78 filled backpacks to the Edgewood community students, and in the fall, we plan to raise the bar by feeding 100 families for the holidays. At this point in our journey the opportunities seem endless and the encounters with wonderful Diamond Ladies & Kings have been such a true blessing and everyone seems to be watching and wondering what’s next for us!

As we evolve into the beautiful brand and foundation we are becoming, we are so humbled and elated to have partnered wit Mr. Vernon Bradford, the Director of The Boys and Girls Club of Edgewood, where we have planted our flag for events and until we outgrow the venue, we plan to stamp our presence in the Edgewood community along side the mission of Mr. Braford’s, and that is change for a better name and positive outlook for a community that is well in need of it. Thank you we appreciate you and all that you are doing for the Foundation. We also would like to thank the business partnerships that have not left our side since day one, and the members that are coming aboard and making us the stable foundation that we will be always known for.

In closing as the Diamonds grow, expand, and advance within the business community I would like to remind you of a famous saying where we are encouraged to be like a tree.   Diamonds:  Be Like A tree. Stay Grounded.  Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf.  Enjoy your natural beauty. Keep Growing. – Joanne R.   And remember no matter what the world may throw at you, no matter how dark it is, or the hurdles you may come across, you will defeat the odds, the light will shine through at the end of the tunnel, and there is no hurdle bigger than you!  You’re a Diamond Dear, they can’t break you….

Smile On,

Nikii V

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